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Fortune Drum Filigree Pearl Asymmetic Earrings



    S990 silver plated with 18K yellow gold, 6mm round and flawless Akoya Pearls

    Craftsmanship: Filigree & Inlay originated in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.) in ancient China. Pure gold or silver is drawn into filaments that are as thin as hairs (<0.3mm). Filaments are then knotted, filled, assembled, welded, weaved and heaped into patterns. Inlaying is to use various different techniques to make the gold or silver sheet into shapes, and then set with pearls or precious stones. The whole process is very complicated going through dozens of steps, and with the use of precious materials, in history the craftsmanship has always been used only for the production of Royal supplies.

    *Purely handcrafted, each piece may have slight variances. Pearls are natural organic gems, each one is unique and may vary slightly in size and color.

    The long earring is removable, can be worn in two styles

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Product Reference: J0122441
  • Fortune Drum

    The bronze drum is a kind of bronze instrument with special social significance of the southwestern minority group in ancient China. It was originally a percussion instrument, and later became a symbol of power and wealth.

    The bronze drum was used since the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.), and the most exquisite were produced in the Han Dynasty. The drum surface is usually cast with patterns such as sun, peacock feather, cloud, comb, flag, etc.

    Inspired by the bronze drum, The Fortune Drum collection combines the complex traditional patterns with the simple contemporary geometric design.

    Through symmetry, patchwork and irregularity, a series of earrings and necklaces are created, and a modern stylish atmosphere is brought into the traditional aesthetic.

  • Filigree Jewelry
    Care Tips

    • Avoid friction and collision, avoid contact with water,oil and chemicals;
    • Wipe with a soft dry cotton cloth after daily wear, store in a sealed jewelry box;
    • To restore luster, use a silver polishing cloth on lightly tarnished areas;
    • If oxidation happens in large area, please contact WEI YEE after-sales services to arrange professional cleaning; not recommend cleaning with your own chemical products.

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